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 At the Bomber Command Memorial Annual Service in June this year, our Association Chairman Mike Westwood met the Controller of the RAF Benevolent Fund (RAFBF), AVM David Murray, son of the late trade unionist, Lord Len Murray.

AVM Murray asked if we could spread word to our Association members about the RAF Benevolent Fund’s Anniversary Campaign, whose aim is to increase the support given to RAF family members, who may need urgent financial help - particularly WW2 veterans. 

In this day and age of the internet and social media, many veterans and/or their families who might need support, have ‘fallen off the radar’ by them not having smart-phone or computer expertise and hence their plight is unknown.  It is the RAFBF’s Campaign aim to learn of these unknowns who have served their country in the past and who might now need financial help.

Click here:  Bomber Command Memorial Service  to see pictures of the June 2019 service and a letter to our Chairman from AVM Murray.

More photos of the service are shown in the Crewroom section.


 Remember:  If you know of any RAF WW2 veterans who may need financial help,

please contact the RAFBF or the 10 Sqn Association.

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