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A warm welcome to the 10 Squadron Association website.  The Association was created 31 years ago with the aims of preserving the spirit and comradeship formed  during service on the unit and developing a close relationship with the present day Squadron.  Membership is open to all who have served, or continue to serve, on 10  Squadron and also to relatives and friends of former Squadron members. 

Our membership includes those from the Whitley and Halifax days, through the Dakota, Canberra, Victor  and VC10 eras and now the new A330 Voyager.

Nose of Voyager

Based at RAF Brize Norton, as part of the AirTanker Hub, 10 Squadron operates the magnificent Voyager aircraft in the AT (Air Transport), AAR (Air-to-Air Refuelling) and VVIP roles and is co-located with the second unit to fly the type, No 101 Squadron.  The two squadrons employ a joint manning strategy on flying tasks, without losing a strong sense of individual unit identity.  This close relationship between the squadrons can be traced back to 1984 when 101 Squadron reformed at Brize Norton to fly VC10 tankers alongside 10 Squadron's VC10 transport aircraft.  Between 2005 and 2011, whilst 10 Squadron was disbanded, 101 Squadron was still operating the VC10 and the Association was privileged to be hosted by the unit during our annual visits to the station.

The Association organizes two main events during the year.  We hold a reunion at Brize Norton held over two days each May, to promote a strong fellowship amongst our members. In November a Remembrance Day Service takes place at the 10 Squadron Memorial located near the entrance to the former RAF Melbourne in Yorkshire, where the Squadron was based in WW2.  The ceremony preserves the memory of the personnel who sacrificed their lives when serving on the Squadron.  All are welcome to attend.
10 Squadron was formed at Farnborough on 1 January 1915 and the comprehensive Centenary celebrations in 2015 included a parade at RAF Brize Norton on 30 January, during which HRH The Princess Royal presented the Squadron with a new Standard. 
Please browse through our website which is administered by Dick King, a former VC10 captain on the Squadron. As a potential Association member, the committee hopes you enjoy reading the information on this site.  After joining the Association, access to the Members' Area, where many past records and other items of interest await and will then be made available to you.
  Michael Westwood
Chairman The 10 Squadron Association   























Please Note that we have no research facilities for non-Association members


The comprehensive part of our website is reserved for current, paid-up members of The 10 Sqn Association.

The Home Page, Research guide and Obituaries are available to all viewers but the Association Members second level requires registration and a log-in to enable access, once you have joined the 10 Squadron Association.  

Joining details may be found in the  "How to Join"  menu at the top of this page.  Should you write to us, by email using the "Contact Us" section, you should achieve a reply within a day or so.

After joining the Association letters, news items, photos, history articles and past Squadron Operations Record Books in our Archives section are then all available to view

We are always interested to hear from past or present Squadron members : aircrew, groundcrew and admin staff.



 In this age of identity theft and other nasties, we will never pass on personal and private information to anyone accessing either level of the site without the owner's specific permission being given to one of the site's listed administrators. 

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) May 2018

In accordance with the law that changed in May 2018 we emphasise that no member's personal information, email or postal addresses or other contact details will ever be used for marketing purposes or forwarded to a third party for any such purpose.  

A member's  specific permission is always sought before passing on a member's address to another member if requested.  We value your security and should any member be concerned about what information we hold they are requested to contact us for details.

The Association holds no social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any others. Hence there is no possibility that its members' personal data may have been inadvertently sent to any such media website.  The Twitter and Facebook links near the login area of our Home Page are merely links to their websites' sign-in pages.


The information on this website has been compiled from various sources both privately and from the internet. 
It is not our intention to deliberately omit acknowledging those whose information we may have used. 
We will be only too pleased to publish such credits if we are so requested by the original sources via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




 ■    To preserve the spirit of comradeship founded during RAF service with 10 Squadron    

    To encourage and sustain a special relationship between 10 Squadron and its Association

     To provide a focus for maintaining contact with  former Squadron colleagues, by encouraging                      attendance at the Annual Reunion and Remembrance Day Service at the 10 Squadron Memorial

    To encourage the collection and preservation of documents, photographs, anecdotes and                              memorabilia with which the Squadron's history may be enhanced