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Bomber Cmd Clasp

The Bomber Command Clasp

It was announced, on 26 February 2013, by the Minister of State for Defence Personnel, Welfare and Veterans Mark Francois that all the details had been confirmed for the Arctic Star and the Bomber Command Clasp and the application process is now in progress. This follows Sir John Holmes’ independent medal review and the announcement by the Prime Minister, on 19 December 2012, that these awards should be made in recognition of the great bravery of those who contributed to two very significant campaigns of World War Two.

Her Majesty The Queen approved designs for the new awards on the basis of recommendations made by the Royal Mint Advisory Committee. The design for the Arctic Star is based on the other World War II Stars and the Bomber Command Clasp, to be worn on the ribbon of the 1939 to 1945 Star, follows the design of the Battle of Britain Clasp.

Production of the new Arctic Star and Bomber Command clasp could result in up to a quarter of a million veterans, and the families of those who have sadly died, applying to receive the new awards in recognition of their unique contribution protecting Britain during World War II.  Priority in issuing the awards is given to veterans and widows but other next of kin, having also applied, may have to wait a considerable time to receive their award due to overwhelming demand.  

Clasp on 39-45 Star

Impression of the Clasp  on the ribbon of the 1939-45 Star medal

Please Note:

 The Air Crew Europe Star was a campaign medal of the British Commonwealth, awarded for service in WW2. Specifically, the medal was awarded to Commonwealth aircrew who participated in operational flights over Europe, from UK bases. Two months operational flying was required between 3 September 1939 and 5 June 1944 in order to qualify.

 The 1939 - 45 Star must have been earned before commencing qualifying service for the Air Crew Europe Star. From 6 June 1944, operational flying over Europe qualified aircrew for the France & Germany Star.

 British uniform regulations stipulated that neither the Atlantic Star nor the France & Germany Star, would be awarded to a recipient of the Air Crew Europe Star. Subsequent entitlement to the Atlantic Star or the France and Germany Star was denoted by the award of the appropriate clasp to the Air Crew Europe Star.



A Clasp to the 1939-45 Star is granted to the aircrew of Bomber Command who served for at least sixty days, or completed a tour of operations, on a Bomber Command operational unit and flew at least one operational sortie on a Bomber Command operational unit from 3 September 1939 to  8 May 1945, inclusive.  The award of the Clasp is to be denoted by a silver rose Emblem when the ribbon alone is worn.

Eligibility is extended to those members of Bomber Command aircrew who did not meet the qualifying criteria due to service being brought to an end by death, wounds or other disability due to service, service marked by a gallantry award or taken as a prisoner of war.

Foreign nationals commissioned or enlisted into British or, the then, Dominion Air Forces (e.g. Royal Canadian Air Force or Royal Australian Air Force) are eligible provided the individuals did not receive a similar award from their own Government.

Eligibility to the Bomber Command Clasp has no effect upon eligibility for World War II recognition previously awarded and does not suggest automatic eligibility for any further awards.          

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