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Researching Family History has become a popular pastime in recent years as a direct result of the internet.   To enable your successors to view a part of your personal family history in the future, why not obtain your own personal RAF Service Record?  Past living members of the Armed Forces may now obtain their military service records free of charge.


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April 2017 

A photograph of a Blazer Badge has been sent to our Historian. It was found amongst some other memorabilia which inferred that the badge's owner had been a member of 10 Sqn whist based in Poona, India, between 1945 -47. The badge raises some doubts about its authenticity though since unusually it contains the words 'Transport Squadron' and to the best of our knowledge the official Squadron Crest for that era never had these words on it.  During WW2 the Squadron Crest did indeed have the words 'Bomber Squadron' contained below the 'King's Crown' but after VE-Day when the Squadron was transferred  to Transport Command the crest just had the words 'Squadron' at the top and 'Royal Air Force' below the winged arrow, as today.

Blazer badge TCmd

The blazer badge is interesting as it has the authorised Squadron insignia in a form not seen before. When RAF badges began to be authorised by George V, via the Chester Herald in 1937, that for 10 Squadron had the word Bomber where you see Transport in the photo above.  Later on, and still today, the authorised badge had simply the word 'Squadron', with no qualifier, and we have one image where that’s the case but still with a King’s Crown, so clearly pre-1952/3. we are really just left wondering if this was a variation worked up by a local tailor in India, but it’s certainly curious.  Can anyone throw any light on the subject?

Replies to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. please


6 Nov 15


Terry was a childhood friend of my father and his Best Man, at my parent's wedding.

My parents are about to celebrate their 62nd wedding anniversary and are hoping to find out if Terry is still around, having lost touch many years ago.


Terry Murphy served on 10 Squadron during the 1960/70's. 

He joined the RAF in 1950 and signed up for 12 years service.
1950 pilot with 101 Squadron based at Binbrook, flying Canberras.
1954 based at Bassingbourne (231OCU) as a Flying Instructor on Canberras.
Also flew Vulcans in the 60s, don't know where however.

196? based at Brize Norton flying VC10s with 10 Squadron completing "the grand tour".

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.    

Contact:  Richard Gilham email -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 4 Oct 2015

SGT ALEC HUNTER      - WW2 Haifax Wireless Operator -Evaded capture after                                                being shot down in France 3 June 1944.

A Thames TV programme "Reporting London" ran a piece on Sgt Hunter on 8 October 1988.  He had been reunited with his uniform which had been kept hidden and looked after, by the French family who helped him escape. It is believed that he met the daughter of the lady who helped him at an event in France where the uniform was then donated to the Military Museum in Caen.

If anyone knows of this and can supply details of Sgt Hunter and his family's whereabouts now in 2015, please email us on the website. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


20 Feb 2015

Flt Lt John Alfred Scott, DFC RNZAF    was a Halifax pilot on 10 Sqn during the latter stages of WW2.  He came to the UK in March 1942 from Dunedin, New Zealand on a ship named the MV California Star together with other RNZAF pilots, and joined 10 Sqn in October 1944, serving until March 1945.  Does anyone recall him or have any information about his subsequent posting or history?  It is known that he was initially posted to No 12 OTU after 10 Sqn service at the end of March 1945.  He was "Gazetted" for his DFC in September 1945.  It is believed that he died back in NZ in 1966.  Any information, no matter how little, covering 1945-1966, would be appreciated.

Please email:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

25 Sep 2014

William (Bill) Albert RINALDI    (1923 -1984)

Bill Rinaldi Poona

LAC Bill Rinaldi 

Poona, India - Jan 1946

LAC Bill Rinaldi was an RAF Fireman who joined 10 Sqn in Febraury 1946 whilst the Squadron was based at Poona, India. He took part in the 1946 Burmese Food-Relief Detachment and was later at Mauripuir, Karachi with the Squadron, until returning to the UK in October 1946.  His son would appreciate making contact with anyone who knew Bill and can expand on the limited knowledge of his time in the RAF and on 10 Sqn in particular.  Send replies to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

13 Jun 2014

Can You Find a Relative of this airman?

Sgt Ronald Lascelles Jenkins 1943

FS Ronald Lascelles Jenkins - 10 Sqn Whitley Tail Gunner 1943

The photograph above was found in some personal belongings in Bridlington, Yorks.  It is thought to be that of Flt Sgt Ronald Lascelles Jenkins, a Whitley Rear Gunner of 10 Squadron, who died in action on 22 October 1943.  He is buried in Kleve, Nordrheim-Westfalen, Germany :- See CWGC graves website:


If anyone knows how this photograph may be reunited with any of Sgt Jenkins' relatives please email:  

Pat Wade  at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

It is believed that: -  his parents lived in Southall, Middx. - his father Joesph Henry George Jenkins died in 1949 and his mother, Edith Ann Jenkins died in 1967.  

4 Jun 2014 

Gordon Alexander Smith – a Sgt Air Gunner on 10 Squadron Halifaxes  - No 1852442, is seeking information as to the whereabouts of his Pilot :

Plt Off  Michael KUTYN,  ( J89304) DFC - 10 Squadron

Born 1922, Mondare, Alberta, home in Edson, Alberta.

Enlisted in Edmonton, 30 June 1941. Commissioned Aug 1944.

If you can help in any way to find the whereabouts of Michael KUTYN J89304, it would be most appreciated:  he would be now approx 92 yrs.

Email :  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 21 May 2014

 Pilot Officer John Dickinson, -  KIA 12th March 1943,  and buried at Reichswald Forest War Cemetery together with his six fellow crew members of Halifax Mk II DT778 ZA-N which flew from RAF Melbourne, Yorks on a mission to bomb Essen, but was shot down near Elberfeld (south of Essen) or possibly Buldern (NE of Essen).

He was a family member and I am seeking more background information about their mission or demise, and would be keen to connect with family of any crew members :

Flight Engineer –  Sgt Henry Edward Henden 634581 RAF

Navigator - Sgt Jessel Hyam Harris 1035756 RAFVR

Air Gunner / Bomb Aimer - Sgt Frederick Wade Stanners 1038690 RAFVR

Wireless Operators / Air Gunner - Sgt John Ernest Smith 1263058 RAFVR

Air Gunner - Sgt Leslie John Gait 1315144 RAFVR

Air Gunner - Sgt Frank Patrick Crawford 631115 RAF

Please contact:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

10 May 2014


Seeking information about my grandfather, for myself and my father.  My father never knew his dad really as he died when he was very young. It’s a bit of a long-shot as grandfather wasn’t with 10 Squadron for too long before he went down over the North Sea returning from a raid on Berlin, in September 1940.  If any relatives of the other crew members have any info on him or the crew it would be greatly appreciated.

He was Plt Off Dennis Stevens, the 2nd pilot on the crew..
The rest of the crew were:
Plt Off  R.H.  Thomas          Captain
Sgt  R.  Hilton                    Observer
Sgt  H.V.  Seed                  Wireless Op
Sgt  B.W.  Neville               Bomb Aimer
All are commemorated at the Runneymeade Memorial.  See http://www.cwgc.org/find-war-dead.aspx?cpage=1
Their aircraft was a Whitley V, P4935, ZA-X (not 100% sure about the last letter) and they were lost 6-7 September 1940.
Any info more would be hugely appreciated.  Thanks. Segan Friend      

Please email:     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


21 Jan 14     VC10 with RB211 engine. - Do any readers have any photographs of VC10 XR 809 with four Conway engines on it before the aircraft was loaned to Rolls Royce in the late 1960s and fitted with an RB211 engine on the left side.  We are keen to find pictures of the aircraft before the conversion by RR. Please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any photos.


12 Nov 13        A recent news item highlighted the sad tale of an ex-Bomber Command ground crew member who served in WW2 and died in 2013 at the age of 99 yrs.  A single man, it seemed likely that there would be few at his funeral.  Until a soldier, who had recently served in Afghanistan and had lost both his legs in a bomb blast, got onto his friends on Facebook. The RAF Benevolent Fund were advised.and action was taken to provide the funeral deserved of an ex-serviceman.  If you know of anyone who was on 10 Squadron and hear of their passing away, please contact the website at the address above.  We would like to hear of them.

22 Oct 2013     Crew of  10 Squadron Halifax DT783,  (ZA-Q)  were all lost near Eindhoven, 29 June 1943.when shot down returning from a Cologne raid.

They were:- 

Pilot     F/O S.Peate,

Nav  -    F/Sgt P.L.Rakoczy RCAF,

Flt Eng  --  Sgt Horace Pape   

Bomb Aimer   -    F/O H.H.Pearson,   

Wop   - Sgt Alfred Bailey,  

Airgunner -  F/Sgt H.Erickson RCAF,  

Airgunner   -   F/Sgt J.G.Sweeney RCAF

All the crew are commemorated in the Eindhoven (Woensel) General Cemetery, which is to be found on the CWGC website:


 I would like to get in touch with the crew relatives to exchange information. 
Adrian van Zantvoort    email:  Ad van Zantvoort ">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 24 July 2013     Do You Know The Families of Any of These? 

 Can anybody put me in touch with family members of the following crew who died on 23 - 24 May 1943 ?

        Derrick Adams (BA)

George Lawson (RG)

Albert Wallis (Wally) (MU)

Peter Grimwood (WO/AG)

Norman Plenderleith (Nav)

Also of Raymond Steel (Maxie) (FE) who died on 19th November 1943?

Also of Mary Curtis, whose husband E. Curtis died at the end of May 1943?

I am about to publish a book about Jack Denton, pilot of the crew and acquaintance of Mary Curtis, and would like to send a copy to their families.

Please contact :    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 During the night of 3 - 4 July 1943, in  VERGADE, nearthe very small village of SOURBRODT in the eastern part of Belgium about 3 Km away from Germany in a typical and isolated landscape called Les Hautes Fagnes,  HALIFAX DT 784 (ZA-M) from 10 Squadron returning from a bombing raid in Germany, was shot down and reported crashed at 01.35 Hrs .

 The Crew of HALIFAX   ZA-M  (DT-784)  were :

 Flight Sergeant (F/S) Arthur MORLEY – RAAF



 Sgt  R. J. WEST - RAF


 Sgt  Frank SADLER –RAF

 Sgt  J. R. BARLOW - RAF.

 F/S MORLEY and Sgt Frank SADLER who died, lie in HOTTON War Cemetery (BELGIUM).

 A monument initiated by local villagers was erected in the memory of those who died and for all who were involved in this Historical moment.

 Very few details are known about the crew members. However an original picture of the crashed aircraft, taken in 1943, exists.

 In a duty of memory we are looking forward to collect crew and aircraft related information.

 Please send any comments about the above to Michel Remy at this email address:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(Our Historian notes:  The crew joined the Sqn on 23 May 43; flew on 7 ops in June (returned with engine problems on 3 of these); lost on their 8th op as stated, when the target had been Cologne (Koln). So yet another crew lost on the way back, which so often seems to have been the case.)

See Also :  http://www.hautesfagnes.be


 This handsome chap’s photograph has been sent to us. 

 We are trying to trace him, or at least give him a name.

Who's This?

Without putting any ideas into people’s minds as to where or when this photograph was taken, a possible clue may be linked to about 1949, the Berlin Airlift and the Wunstorf or Bracht (near the more recent RAF Bruggen) areas of then Western Germany.  It will most probably not be linked to 10 Squadron, because they were based, with their Dakotas, near the East German (Soviet Zone) border in the north at RAF Lübeck.  We do not know his rank, base or type of aircraft with which he was associated, but if his face rings any bells with you, please get in touch with us via the usual website address.   

Berlin Airlift Map

 Posted 19 Feb 2013

 Information sought about Sgt Eric Thomas Cook (572721), a Flt Eng on 10 Sqn in WW2 who died in action 16 July 1943 age 21yrs.   Commemorated on Panel 146 of the Runnymede Memorial.- son of Mr & Mrs Edward Cook of Frampton Cotterell and husband of Elizabeth, Tonyrefail, Glamorgan.     Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  if you can help.

Posted 3 Oct 2012 

James Henry Steyn     Posted from 10 Sqn, where he had flown Whitleys, to the training unit at 10 OTU at Abingdon and soon after to 19 OTU at Kinloss, in January 1941,  Fg Off J.H. Steyn, DFC was killed in an Anson in the North of Scotland 3 months later.  If anyone can give any information regarding living family members from Johannesburg, RSA or any living relatives of the rest of his crew please contact us or the Commonwealth War Graves Commission who, we understand, are keen to erect a more lasting memorial where the crew are buried near their crash site. Their grave is the highest in the United Kingdom.

 For photos of the grave site visit  http://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/2104911

and also this link to one of the crash-site search organisations that cover this crash


See also, a BBC report on the CWGC quest  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-18262312                                                                                     


Posted 27 Feb 2012                 Donald Lawrence SMITH, Sergeant 1395416

My half-brother, Donald Smith, flew with 10 Squadron as an Air Gunner during WW2. He was killed in action on 31 March 1944. The only record I can find is that Halifax LV881 ZA-V went down during the Nuremberg raid. I do know he is buried in The Hanover War Cemetery. Could anyone help point me in the right direction, internet, books etc to find out more about my brother and 10 Sqn during 1943/44 ?

 Thank you,  Denis Smith    email :  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Posted 26 Feb 2012                 HENRY FREDERICK JENKINS, DFC

The photo below, probably taken at RAF Melbourne in 1944, shows a Halifax crew, including my late father-in-law, Fg Off Henry Frederick Jenkins, DFC. (143767) (third from left)

Henry was a navigator and went on, after WW2, to become an Air Traffic Controller when posted to Berlin for these duties in support of the Airlift operations. He remained in Air Traffic for the rest of his career. He passed away in 1997.

I understand that one of his fellow crew members was Grant Batty the father of the 1970's NZ Rugby, All Black, Winger.

Henry was awarded his DFC for flying his Halifax back to Tangmere, after the pilot was killed during a raid over Germany In 1944.

I would be very interested in any other info about his experiences or other relevant memories to be able to pass them on to his great grandchildren.

ALISTAIR WILSON    email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Henry F. Jenkins, DFC

 Roundel RAF



Readers are advised that pdf files of RAF squadron Operations Records Books may be purchased online from the National Archives at Kew. For 10 Sqn, your search should start by looking in the AIR 27  Category. (eg Catalogue Reference: AIR 27/141/13 & 14 for the month of March 1940)

Downloads cost £3.30 each. Before purchasing a particular month it is advisable to click on the " View Details " block to see how many pages your download contains.  Some number over 100 whereas others, for the same fee, only include a few (less than 10) pages. Simply click on the red words NATIONAL ARCHIVES below and it will take you directly to the 10 Sqn Catalogue Search page. Do not forget that there were also Royal Australian (Sunderlands), Indian (Spitfires) and South African, Air Forces that had their own 10 Sqns. Do not get confused and purchase records for the wrong squadron!

On detachment overseas in the Middle East 10 Sqn RAF served under the number 10/227 Sqn...............  

Unfortunately not all NA downloads are in their correct chronological place, possibly due to errors  made when they were scanned from the original documents. If you cannot find the period that you require for your research it may still be available in some other date period...Most frustrating, we know, from personal experience! 

We are slowly building up a collection of these Forms 540/541* (see below) for our website members. It is our hope and intention to obtain the full set at some future date. If you already have some, in pdf format, please consider donating a copy to our website. We would be most grateful.  Use our contactus facility for this, please.

* Note: The records themselves are in two separate styles:

1. The Form 540, which we in the Association simply call the "Diary", is a summary of the monthly events and lists the day-to-day occurrences on the Squadron. Sometimes these contain humorous remarks, details of the weather and other significant events, together with Postings In/Out, Medal Awards and are therefore, as our name suggests, a Diary of the Events. They usually contain between 2 and 5 pages.

2. The Form 541, which we have termed as "Ops", is more structured in its writing.  It is essentially a listing of the "work done" and contains crew lists, aircraft registrations and targets, together with events that occurred to specific crews/aircraft on their missions. Sadly this is also where the phrase, "Missing - Nothing was heard from this aircraft after take-off", frequently occurred in the WW2 F541s. These can contain up to 50 or even more pages. 

3.  There are also Combat Reports available for download from the National Archives @ £3.30 each.  They are under the reference AIR 50/180.  Bear in mind that the dates are often a day after those listed in the F541 and they may also be filed under the Air Gunner's name.


If you are the relative of a past Squadron member, researching your family history, don't forget that it costs only £8 per year to join the 10 Sqn Association.

alt         10 SQUADRON AT THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES          alt
The National Archives


Searching for an RNZAF Kiwi?                                          


Try Here........                       RNZAF Wings

RNZAFRecs 1   RNZAFRecs 2


Roundel RAF




The following books may all contain references to 10 Sqn.  We cannot guarantee that all are still in print. 


Firstly we must describe our very own glossy, hard-backed publication...........

 'From Brooklands to Brize'     The definitive history of 10 Squadron's 100 year history, published in 2015, its Centennial year, and written by the 10 Sqn Association Historian Ian Macmillan, with help from Richard King.  344 pages of offical records, anecdotes, photos and much much more.  £25 +£5 p&p available from the 10 Sqn Association via the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. email address.    - (Now also available on Amazon)

 Mini Front Cvr    Web Rear Cvr



 Army cooperation over the trenches in the Great War, introducing four new aircraft types to RAF service, the Bomber Offensive in WW2, Suez and Cold War crises, carrying HM The Queen, Prime Ministers, thousands of servicemen and families, the wounded returning from the Falklands conflict, and now refuelling fighters over Iraq and Syria – Shiny Ten has done it all.

This illustrated history of No 10 Squadron’s first 100 years draws extensively on the official records wherever possible, and is amplified by personal contributions from people who were there.

The  Authors:

Ian Macmillan - Serving on 10 Sqn in the 1970s, VC 10 navigator Ian Macmillan was the Squadron’s Flight Commander Ops whose role included that of Deputy Squadron Commander.  Ian's service tours in the Air Transport (AT) force both before and after his tour on 10 Sqn, including a staff duty at the RAF Upavon, Wilts. AT HQ, more than qualify his sound personal knowledge of a period in the Squadron's history covering at least 40 out of the 100 year coverage of this book. Ian served in the Middle-East, the UK and also with the USAF in the western USA, flying globally to virtually everywhere else during his full career in the RAF which culminated in his retirement with wing commander rank.  His diligent study and research of past Squadron records now make him the most qualified person in all aspects of the Squadron's history.


Dick King - served in the AT force prior to joining 10 Sqn in 1980, after a 4 yr intermediate tour as a flying instructor. His time on the Squadron engaged him in all aspects of the Squadron's operations, taking him all over the world, as a VC10 copilot during the Falklands conflict, and later as a Squadron Pilot Leader, VC10 air-display pilot and VIP captain, before leaving the RAF for an airline career.  He was even engaged in some of the intentionally less-publicised aspects of the Squadron activities, which one may read about in the Book.  As a former 10 Squadron Standard Bearer he was particularly honoured to attend the 2015 Centenary year's new 10 Sqn Standard Presentation by HRH The Princess Royal, who also writes the Foreword to the book.



Immediately on publication, a review of the book was written in Dcember 2015 by the noted RAF historian and author, Guy Warner.

Click this link to open a pdf file of Guy Warner's Review 




'VC10 - The Story of a Classic Jet airliner'     From Key Publishing the A4 size booklet with 118 pages costs £7.95.

 VC10 The Story

This excellent book covers the type's development, its service with the RAF, including the Gulf War and ops over Iraq, plus data files and production lists. Two of the contributors are Jelle Hieminga and our own Paul Morris. -It also contains a 2-page spread of a certain Capt R KIng landing the Omani VC10 at Brooklands some years ago! So doubly good value!

 Click here to visit Key Publishing


From the Ladies Point of View

"Life in the Slipstream", edited by Alison Bairsto, Jill Black and Holly Jeffers, with a forward by HRH The Duchess of Cambridge.

  • Publisher: Book Guild Publishing Ltd and available from Amazon or The Book Depository  cost £16.99 - hardback published 2014.

Slipstream CVR




 WW1 - The men and the aircraft....


"The Sky Their Battlefield", by Trevor Henshaw Published by Fetubi.


Henshaw Book Cvr


An authorative account of The RFC and RAF during WW1, by a recognised historian.

Interested potential purchasers make learn more about the book, its cost and how to purchase, by clicking this link:

The Sky Their Battlefield


Trevor writes to the 10 Sqn Assoc,.......

"I have decided to write to a few squadron associations like yours, hoping that you might want to know about this book.  Without a doubt, 10 Squadron RAF gets on my list! ..........   If I tell you that 141 of these entries  specifically refer to your Squadron's involvement in the Great War, and relate the individual stories of over 233 of your own airmen and men, you'll see why I am writing to you."




  "Silent, Swift, Superb"

  The Story of the VC10 ,with many photos and articles - first published in 1998 and shortly to be re-printed.

 By Scott Henderson and published by Scoval Publishing Ltd.

Silent Swift Superb           Silent Swift Superb (rear cover)     

AND NOW........The Sequel......

due out soon

" For The Queen of The Skies "

also by Scott Henderson






Do Not Confuse Scott Henderson's book above with another similar title  'Vickers VC-10 Queen of the Sky' by Peter R. Foster