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10 Squadron's 100 Year History Book,


ERRATA  FOUND TO DATE     (Late 2022)

Regrettably some minor errors have been discovered since the book was printed in November 2015.    

With 10 Squadron now entering its 2nd Century of service from 2015 – 2115  the authors would advise with regret, that they will be unavailable to write the  2nd edtion in 2115 owing to a previous engagement !




 Page 84        Left column, last line, first word should read Homberg [west side of River Rhine] not Hamburg

 Page 97        Left Col line 8:  Amend Plt Off Watson’s (tail gunner) to read Sgt Gregory’s (pilot) crew


 Page 112       Para immediately above picture (rt col) :  Dates should read ‘night of of 30/31 May 1942 ‘  - not 1 June

Page 123       Upper picture caption:  amend spelling of Groak to read  Groark (with 2 x 'r' s)

Page 131       Left column  - line 4  Delete 'but the fate of WOP Sgt Varley is not recorded.)  Insert - 'and Sgt Varley reached home by a similar route a few weeks later.)

Page 152      Picture caption of windmill – amend to now read:

                     “ The land-mark sails of the Seaton Ross ‘Old Mill’ and chimney of the adjacent ‘Steam Mill’ on RAF Melbourne’s south-eastern boundary, were a welcome sight to aircrew after a night on Ops.”

Page 184      2nd col line 2       Replace word  ‘his’  with word ‘this’

Page 188      page number missing  - Insert '188' at bottom/centre of page

Page 227       Caption for Centre pic of ship and VC10.  Add further text: ‘On this occasion though the Royal Navy’s HMS Ark Royal was moored there to greet XV 105’s arrival.’

Page 228      End of caption to BA1-11 pic:  change full stop at the end to a comma and insert’ whilst Flt Lt Ted Harlow, another Spey pilot, takes the photo.’

Page 237       Rt Col Line 2 amend date of ‘1980’ to read :  November 1990

Page 240      2nd col penult para    last third part  ‘150 kilometres north-east of Montevideo…..’ should read ‘north-west of Montevideo’

Page 276      1st col  line 2       Replace word ‘than’  with word ‘then’

Page 283      2nd col  Para 2     3rd sentence after the hyphen replace word ’Fight’ with the word ‘Flight’ ( i.e. add a letter l )

Page 290      ‘Commanding Officers of No 10 Squadron’

(i)  left col: - amend date for Wg Cdr A.C. Dowden to read Jan 1945 (not Sep 45)

(ii) same page left col: - last line, amend date for Wg Cdr Radford to read Apr 1944 (not Jan 44)

(iii) same page right col: - amend Wildey initials by inserting an R. to read Wg Cdr R.K. Wildey

(iv) same page right col: - line 10 delete complete line and all ref to Wg Cdr N.C. Singer

 Page 300        caption of photograph of Gerry Bunn opening the 10 Sqn Lounge in the Bombers  -  the Landlords with him are Peter & Gina Callan - not Bob & Wendy Johnston:who were later Landlords at the Blacksmith's Arms after the Callans. ( This confusion is sincerely regretted)

Page 303       caption of photograph of the Melbourne Tower Preservation Group  -  Names wrong and spelling of Hagyard:  should now read  David Hagyard Gary Cottingham (not Wheeler) & Keith Wheeler

Page 304   Caption of Bottom Left Pic   Delete the end letter ‘e’ from Cooke to read ‘Cook’

Page 338   Crew List Missing for 16 Jan 1945. Between Thomas R.W. and Marshall A.L - Insert for additional date of 16 Jan 1945:

WHITBREAD  W.E.L.        F/O    Pilot          COMM.RUNNYMEDE

TOMKINS  E.W.S             FS      Nav                             “

MUST  R.S.                      FS       BA                              “

DERRINGTON  H.E.       SGT    WOP                           “

WATKINS  H.L.               SGT     AG                              “

GILES  E.H.                    SGT     FE                              “

HOPKINS  A.G.              FS       AG                               “           

Page 342   2nd col  middle of long penult text para (not including final para about authors in bold)  between words ‘wildlife’ and ‘Mandy’ insert word ‘artist’

List above complete up to end of 2022

  If you find any further errors in reading please notify us via email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.