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There are numerous memorials throughout the UK, Europe and indeed other countries too, which are dedicated to the RAF personnel who lost their lives whilst serving on 10 Squadron.  Many are situated on church walls, or other prominent public places in the deceased's local hometown area, whereas some have also been erected close to known crash sites.   


Melbourne Memorial 


The 10 Squadron War Memorial pictured above, at the entrance to the former RAF Melbourne, Yorkshire, remains the main focus for the memory of all personnel who have lost their lives whilst serving on the Squadron, be it in peace or wartime.  A Service of Remembrance is held here annually on Remembrance Sunday.  All are welcome to attend.


Inauguration 1985   Melbourne Plq Text


Air Chief Marshal Sir Angus (Gus) Walker gives his left-handed salute at the 10 Squadron War Memorial inauguration on 15 September 1985.

The Memorial was designed by architect and aviation artist Norman Appleton.  (Click on the Plaque image above to enlarge)



Readers may see that we now include below a continually growing list of more individual and private markers where the memories of lost ones may long be remembered.  Their plaques and memorials are separate from any individual grave inscription, if a such exists for the deceased, and most are not in the location of subsequent burial.


Much of the information below has come from Tony Hibberd, who is a volunteer researcher at the International Bomber Command Centre, (IBCC) Lincoln.  We are most grateful to him in allowing us to share his research.


If you know of any other memorials, not yet listed below, please get in touch with us.  A photograph of the general site location and another of the memorial's inscription would be much appreciated.




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Whitley:  Missing in action following the first WW2 raid to Berlin 1-2 October 1939


In memory of the crew of K 9018


K9018 plaque



Large wooden plaque held by 10 Sqn at their RAF Brize Norton HQ


Victor: Crash in Cyprus – 16 June 1962


In memory of the crew of XA 929                                      

Cottesmore Church Plaque


 Wooden plaque held by 10 Sqn at their RAF Brize Norton HQ



York Raceway Plaque:  in Taxiway-light Concrete Block - RAF Melbourne


In memory of all who lifted off at this point to engage in bombing missions during WW2                                                      (No additional pdf text link)


Raceway Plaque


Note:  This plaque is situated on Private Property


Whitley:  Flying Accident 23 January 1939


Memorial to Plt Off  Allan F.W.  Miles in the Garrison Church, Southsea, Portsmouth





 Whitley: Crash in Tredegar, Wales - 13 November 1940

 (No additional pdf text link)

 In memory of Sgt Peter D. Goldsmith pilot of VT 4232


Tredegar 1


Tredegar 2   Tredegar 3b 


 Plaque mounted on stone at  Parc Bryn Bach Visitor Centre

(Nth-East of Merthyr Tydfill)



Halifax:  Shotdown over Ost Wippengen, Germany  27 September 1943

In memory of Sgt Ernest J. E. Jarman, air bomber on Mk2 Halifax JD272  (click on image below)

Jarman 1



Halifax:  Mid-Air Collision - Taillette, France  17-18 December 1944

In memory of the crews of Halifaxes LV 818 & NP 699 (432 Sqn)

Taillette Village Plaque

Taillette Village War Memorial  





in Green Park, London was inaugurated by

      Her Majesty The Queen

on Thursday 28 June 2012



10 Sqn Association Founder Member Douglas Evans meets HRH Prince Charles


" The Crew "

In memory of the 55,573 who gave their lives


The Memorial's Bomber Command Crest 


Bomber Cmd Stas


 A total of 156 aircraft from 10 Squadron were lost on WW2 operations

comprising 47 Whitleys and 109 Halifaxes.

839 aircrew men from 10 Squadron were killed on active flying service between

September 1939 and December 1945. 

This figure includes the deaths of POWs and casualties from flying training accidents, but it does not include victims of non-flying accidents or deaths from natural causes. 

839 ......... out of 55,573 

Between September 1939 and May 1945, the Squadron earned 523 awards, including ,

9 DSOs,  333 DFCs  and  173 DFMs. 

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